Sunday, September 27, 2009

WWU sports with a new body

I worked for the Welcome Back issue for our student newspaper, which came out Tuesday. It was a 52-page edition, which was much smaller than usual because less ads were purchased [story of our lives]. Four of us decided to take on the task and we all did everything—wrote articles, edited articles, took photos, edited photos, layed out pages, copy edited, etc. It was a fun experience and not as stressful as everyone made it out to be beforehand.

I also recently got a new body—the d700. Amazing. Carver Gym is the sports photographer's nightmare. It's so dark and there is always a yellow tinge to your photos despite what you put your white balance on. I shot volleyball in there [which even with my high school varsity letters in the sport, I've surprisingly only shot a couple times] with the new body and my photos were so much better color-wise. Still a little off but no where near what it was before.

I also shot women's soccer for the issue. This was the first time I had ever shot soccer—women or men. I love that my shutter speed can go up to 1/8000 now. Doesn't make that much of a difference, but the fact that it can do it is awesome.

I am done working for The Western Front forever. It's a little strange not having assignments to shoot or being in the newsroom every day and on production nights. It's just another step towards graduation [which seems to be approaching all too fast—March]. This quarter I'm writing for Klipsun and taking some photos too. I'll have to change my mindset and go out and shoot more on my own since I won't have those daily assignments. I'm also looking for an internship for winter quarter. I was trying to put together my portfolio and realized so many of my portfolio-worthy photos are sports, so I'll try to be stepping out of that comfort zone as well in the next couple months.

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