Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Football woes

So this year has been a bad year for sports in the Pacific Northwest: lost the Sonics, Mariners were one of the worst teams in baseball, Seahawks finished third in the conference and Mike Holmgren "retired," the Husky and Cougar football teams were terrible, the Tuba Man passed away...the list goes on.

On Jan. 8, the cut of Western Washington University's football team was added to that list. As a huge football fan and possibly pursuing a career as a sports photographer, I was pretty bummed when I heard the news - once I got over the shock. Yeah, I know college is supposed to be about learning, but what's a university without football?

I was asked to write a story on deadline for our student newspaper - The Western Front.
Here's a follow-up to that story as well.

I went digging through some photos of when I shot the Battle in Seattle (when our football team plays at Qwest Field in Seattle against our cross-state rival Central Washington University.)

This photo probably tells a lot about how the players were feeling after they heard about the loss of their program.

I'll be sad to not be able to shoot the Battle next year. It was an amazing experience - being on the field where the Seahawks play. Hopefully one day I'll make my way up so I can shoot there once again.

When will the sports scene in the Seattle area improve? Only true fans will stick around to find out. And as for me, I'll have to find somewhere else to shoot football...and in my dad's suggestions - get better at shooting volleyball.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something to occupy your time...

Hi, and welcome to my new blog!

I've created this blog to let those who are curious get to see what I'm doing when I'm not around and also to discuss what I struggled with and what I was hoping to accomplish in my photos. I hope you leave comments and join in on the discussion.

Here's a commercial my friend James and I made for our video class. Enjoy!

-Katie Greene